Monday, 25 October 2021

You can now rent a boyfriend/girlfriend in Singapore

Many people are still waiting to find their ‘significant other’  but in Singapore, that doesn’t seem to be the problem. A video uploaded on a Facebook page ‘Nas Daily‘ shows that technology has advanced to the point that there are now apps that allow you to ‘rent’ a boyfriend or a girlfriend for a day in Singapore.

The video starts with Nas introducing his friend Sara who is all set to demonstrate how the ‘renting a boyfriend/girlfriend’ concept works.

The idea is that the one-day couple can go around town doing all sorts of activities a normal couple would usually do; from shopping to family dinners, from Netflix and chilling to taking a walk in the park. Moreover, it is said to be an ‘easy way to make money’ as the person gets paid on an hourly basis. Having said that, there are rules that you have to follow when the person ‘rents’ a boyfriend/girlfriend.

No strings attached. Nas Daily is a FB page run by Nuseir Yassin, an Arab-Israeli travel video blogger who creates daily 1-minute videos.

Moreover, in 2016, after saving around US $60,000 he quit his full-time job and started travelling all over the world.

According to his Wikipedia page, Yassin decided to start a Facebook page named Nas Daily, where “Nas” means “people” in Arabic and committed to creating a video every day for 1,000 days. In early 2018, the page was upgraded to “show” status and currently has over 7.5 million followers.

The idea to create one minute long videos was because viewers are busy and it will quickly send the message across to the audience without taking up a lot of their time. In addition to that, Yassin also stated that interactions are more personal on Facebook.

He ends his videos with the tagline: “That’s one minute, see you tomorrow!”

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