Thursday, 28 October 2021

Yo Yo Honey Singh, new single Makhna

BOLLYWOOD: Let me start this piece by stating the obvious. Honey Singh, we are about to enter 2019, and your latest song Makhna has taken us 10 years back. We all know that Yo Yo Honey Singh is known for songs that objectify women, case in point is Blue Eyes.

The singer and rapper has been away from the limelight for a long time. And now, after a brief hiatus, he has returned with a single titled Makhna. And after listening to the song, we are only wondering why? I have been guilty of liking Honey Singh’s songs, however, this one is really distasteful in so many ways. Firstly, listening to the song itself gave me a headache.

After popping medicines for the same, I started analysing the lyrics of the song. And trust me, I felt like I have gone back to the days when objectifying women was not a big deal. However, this song comes right after the empowering #MeToo movement, which gave voice to many women in the country.

Now, if you are thinking as to why to make such a big deal out of the song, let me tell you why. Here are the lyrics of the song… ‘Main hoon womanizer, mujhe akele mein mat mil

Silicone waali ladki ko main pakdta nahi, Brown girls se mera dil bharta nahi,

Tu hai janti mein hu shikari, tujhe Khaa jaaunga saari ki saari,

Patli kamar teri omg tight jeans hai D&G, Tere peeche lage aashiq saarein cheap like CNG.’

Ironically the only guy behind the girl in the video is the singer himself. What CNG?

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