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Yami Gautam writes open letter on Hrithik-Kangana row!


BOLLYWOOD: An Indian actress Yami Gautam wrote an open letter on Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut row. Most of the people have read multiple things about the controversy that is going between Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut and their fight is not coming to an end. Now, many Bollywood celebrities are coming up with their point of view that what they think about this ugly spat.

Yesterday, Farhan Akhtar wrote an open letter and he requested people not to jump to the conclusion by looking at the just one-sided view. Now, it seems like that Farhan’s post pushed Yami to express her views on this controversy. Actress Yami has worked with Hrithik in her movie ‘Kaabil’ and now she is out to support her co-star and this is quite visible.

Hrithik Roshan-Kangana Ranaut

She started the letter by saying that she is not very much active on social networking sites, but she is taking an experience, since as a woman, what she is seeing right now terrifies her. She is very much concern with the controversy that is surrounded by the two of the biggest stars in the industry. She, unfortunately, got to work with only one of them. She is not writing the letter as a co-star of Hrithik or as a friend of her. She is writing the letter as a woman and the concerned citizen of the country. She will try to put her point across as succinctly and as objectively as possible.

However, she says that she is not a legal expert. Neither she is privy to the details of the case. Even she knows only what has been reported in the media. She is here for all good, honest reporting. Somehow and somewhere the tussle has turned into a gender war and the certain section of the people in the society have already declared the man guilty. Many people are presuming that since he is a man then he must be the guilty party. Usually, men have oppressed women in one way or another for centuries and even in this case, they have presumed the same.


She also wrote that there is an on-going investigation that the concern people are doing. She feels that this very dangerous and she requested that let the law decide what is right and what is wrong. Whatever happened to the innocent, until proven guilty. There a lot of times when the people of this country have taken the streets to get the justice. But that is not the case here. She says that both the parties are privileged enough to do that can represent themselves in court and fight this out legally. Sadly she said that the law of our country is a sort of the classiest, but let’s not disagree.

That is why the vilification of a man based make us believe that all the evidence is dangerous. Why genders card is allowed to take precedence over facts and objective and that will be a serious blow to the on-going efforts of getting women and equal standing with the opposite sex. If these things by the media are allowed to continue and where the one party has been presumed guilty, there is a livelihood and the people will lose faith in this equal-right for all the moment that has been picked momentum in India only a recent years.

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