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Writing gives me great satisfaction: Sangeeta Bijlani

Sangeeta Bijlani

MUMBAI: Sangeeta Bijlani made her way into our hearts after winning the Miss India title. She entered Bollywood and did an array of films, including the blockbuster movie Tridev. After a messy marriage, she was out of the limelight for a while. Today, Sangeeta has a new passion. She tells all about it during an exclusive interview at a recently held award function.

What is jewellery to you?
Jewellery means a lot to Indian women. When a woman gets married, her jewellery is a symbol of love and security. It also adds beauty to one’s persona, along with other things.

You are a synonym of beauty. Who deserves the credit for this and when did you first realise you are beautiful? 
I definitely credit my mom. She is very beautiful and I am happy I have inherited her looks. I am glad people think I am a synonym of beauty.

What is the one thing your mom gave you that is still in your memory? What all did you buy with your first paycheck?
When I was in Class VII, my mother bought these elegant ear tops for me. I felt very proud wearing those and I have preserved them all these years. After that, with my own money, I bought different types of jewellery. I love wearing them from time to time. I keep buying jewellery as and when I get an opportunity.

How do you like to flaunt your jewellery?
I do not like to load up on jewellery. I like to wear just a pair of big dangling earrings with stones that match my attire. At weddings, I also like to sport a pair of bangles or even a necklace. But normally, with a pair of earrings I am all set.

What about other accessories?
I prefer wearing something elegant, like a colourful stone. I feel colours speak a lot about your style statement. Thus, depending on my mood, I match my jewellery to the colour of my dress.

You are writing a blog. What’s that all about?
A friend of mine who knows me well inspired me to start a blog. She said,“You have so much of life experience. Why don’t you start penning your experiences through a blog? You write it and send it to me. I will post it for you.” After this, I started writing on topics like marriage, relationships, being single, betrayal, etc.

Do you like this experience of writing a blog?
I like to pen down my thoughts. I do not use a typewriter as I feel when I write with my hands, my energies get transferred to the person who reads it. After starting this blog, I’ve experienced a different side of mine. I enjoy writting about my feelings and it gives me a great sense of satisfaction as well.

Can you tell us what marriage, betrayal and friendship mean to you?
Marriage: It is a beautiful experience. I feel everybody should experience it once in their lifetime.

Betrayal: You experience betrayal because of expectations. When you don’t expect anything, nothing will feel wrong to you. When you yourself are not complete, how can you expect others to be complete? We need to give space to people and stop expecting anything from others. It’s only then you can transcend that feeling of being betrayed.

Friendship: For me friendship is a deep bond. Girlfriends are a lifeline. Sometimes friendships get fractured. This happens when you share a deep bond. This is when you need to give space to your friends.
If you experience some problem in a friendship, give it a sabbatical. After that, if you still wish to come back, you can continue with your friendship.

Can you tell us about your friends in Bollywood?
All are my friends, including you and the photographers here. In Bollywood, I am friends with everyone I’ve worked with.

When will we see you back on the silver screen?
I don’t know. But never say never, na?

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