Thursday, 9 December 2021

World’s first fully solar-power train makes its first trip

World’s first fully solar-power train makes its first trip

SYDNEY: With everything turning solar, trains too are using solar-power instead of the traditional ones, and the world’s first completely solar-powered train has just recently completed its first ride.

The entirely solar-powered train took its initial short ride in Australia. The solar train was developed by ‘Byron Bay Railroad Company’ that brought a 70-year-old ‘red rattler’ passenger vehicle back to life to show that solar power can work for such kind of major transportation. Being the idea of businessman Brian Flannery, the whole project cost approximately $4 million.

The solar train functions only on clean energy. It has solar panels on its roof and at pit stops that provide all of the power the train requires for its three kilometer route (for now). Originally, the train contained two diesel engines. At this stage, one of the engines has been replaced with batteries and an electric motor. The second one is being used for a backup in case of emergency. Even if the train travels under the cloudy sky, the battery takes care of it.

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