Saturday, 16 October 2021

World Bank to allocate $120m for Lebanon’s

Photo: AFP/archivo

BEIRUT: Lebanese Health Minister Jamil Jabak said Sunday that the World Bank has decided to allocate 120 million U.S. dollars to equip primary care centers and finance people’s medical needs in Lebanon, the National News Agency reported. “The World Bank will offer 120 million U.S. dollars to equip centers and cover people’s needs including medical tests and radiography services,” Jabak said during the opening of a primary care center in Dhour El Choueir, a mountain in Lebanon. Jabak emphasized the importance of this project due to the deteriorating economic conditions of Lebanese citizens and their inability to pay their medical bills.

Jabak said that the ministry supports around 220 primary care centers all over Lebanon by covering for the expenses of medical tests and hospitalization services.

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