Monday, 6 December 2021

Woman tells court of her shock at finding blackmailer filmed ‘hundreds’ of sex videos of different woman

CARDIFF: A “sexual predator” who posed as a successful doctor secretly filmed himself having sex with Muslim women then blackmailed them into giving him money by threatening to put the footage on the internet, a court heard. Farhan Mirza, 38, is accused of targeting the women, secretly filming them and then threatening to bring shame upon them and their families by publishing the videos unless they gave him money and gifts. Cardiff Crown Court heard that Mirza is accused of voyeurism, blackmail, theft and fraud – including pretending to be a doctor – in order to commit a string of offences over a three-year period. The jury of four men and eight women watched a series of video clips, which included one woman having sex with the defendant and another alleged victim getting dressed after having had a shower.

One of Farhan Mirza’s alleged victims told jurors how she thought he was a successful doctor but instead was a taxi driver living with his mother in a small terrace house in Abertillery. The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said he told her at the start of their relationship his name was Ahsan Mirza who worked at a hospital in Bristol. For their first date he had arrived in a 4×4 Mercedes and carried a medical stethoscope and when they went back to his bedroom for sex she saw green medical scrubs hanging up in his wardrobe. The complainant, who was single, said she had met Mirza on the Muslim dating website in March 2014 and they exchanged messages and telephone calls before arranging to meet a few weeks later.

“He portrayed himself as being single, never married and a doctor,” she told Cardiff Crown Court. “I can’t remember what sort of doctor he was but he said he was a doctor in Bristol and he seemed to be working quite a lot when he called me.” The woman said Mirza, who drove a small Mazda, would ask her for small amounts of cash – usually around £50 – and she would always say no. She told jurors that one time he told her his bank account had been frozen and could she buy him a laptop and a mobile phone. Timothy Evans, prosecuting, told the jury told that the case was very sensitive and the three alleged victims, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, were Muslim women with connections to other countries. “It is the prosecution’s case that Mr Mirza is a particular kind of sexual predator and he chooses his victims carefully,” he said.

“Each of these ladies, to a greater or lesser extent, ended up having a relationship with Mr Mirza. The prosecution suggest that via those relationships he tried to get money and services from them. “The position, the prosecution suggest, is this. Because of their religious and ethnic backgrounds he targeted them because of the terror, embarrassment and humiliation that each of these ladies would have felt in their minds by what this defendant did to them. “He put each of them in a position where there were videos of them, which they didn’t know about until he landed them with potential humiliation. “It is one thing to persuade a partner to help you out or beg. It is reprehensible generally to lie to a partner to achieve something and what the prosecution suggests is that Mr Mirza went further than that.” Mirza, of Arael View, Abertillery, South Wales denies four charges of blackmail, three of voyeurism, one of theft and one of fraud by false representation.

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