Tuesday, 7 December 2021

Wife used the ‘Find My iPhone’ app to catch her husband cheating


BIRMINGHAM: Khadijah Bilal, 33, A mother from Birmingham has said she used the ‘Find My iPhone’ app to ‘outsmart’ her husband and find him cheating on her with his new lover.  , from Moseley, Birmingham said she became suspicious after noticing her husband barely spent time at home and was out late on the weekends. After the birth of their second child she became convinced he was cheating on her after he refused to change his behaviour. She logged on to the ‘Find My iPhone’ app using details she had from when she owned the phone and tracked her husband to an address over ten miles from their home. But the mother-of-two quietly monitored his movements for a month  in an attempt to ‘catch him in the act’. She also went one step further and hired a private detector who spent two hours outside the street to work out exactly which number her husband was regularly visiting. Eventually the detective spotted her husband going into an address and Khadijah finally confronted him outside the young woman’s house.

Her husbands response was to speed off in his car with his new lover and surprisingly Khadijah has not seem him since. Khadijah now says she has no regrets about snaring her husband using the unconventional method. She says: ‘I had to prove to myself, to my family and to his family what he was doing. I also had to have it confirmed for myself, for my own sanity. ‘It was very difficult. I had to really control myself. I used the tracker because I thought it would be the only way to be confident about what was actually going on. ‘I outsmarted him. He thought he was so clever getting away with it, but he wasn’t.’ Khadijah, who met her cheating husband five years ago at a Muslim speed dating event, went on to explain how she became suspicious after he would come home early in the morning. Khadijah said: ‘He was always going out on Saturday nights and coming back really, really late and early in the morning. ‘He wasn’t involved with the kids and he was always going to the gym. My little girl Zara was born on October 19 and he was still the same really.

‘I said “when she’s born I don’t want you going out on Saturday nights as much”, but he still went. ‘By November I was getting suspicious but I was so tired with the newborn baby and so much rushing around and I didn’t really want to think about it.’ While at her mum’s house in Norfolk, Khadijah remembered he was now using her old iPhone as his was broken, and checked to see if the tracker app was still working. She got a ‘weird feeling’ and logged on at 3.30am one day in early December and noticed he was not at home – but was instead at an address nearby. Determined to outsmart him, she didn’t confront him and instead spent three weeks tracking his location. She said: ‘He would finish work at 8pm, come home, have a shower, ring me and ask me how I was. He would ring me so that I wouldn’t ring him I think. ‘I knew that if I didn’t catch him that he could lie to the end. I kept seeing the same thing and spotting him at the same location.’ Khadijah finally confronted him on January 7. After he told her he was ‘meeting someone to pick something up’ she drove to his suspected lover’s address and spoke to her housemate. She claims they revealed her husband had been dating their housemate – his work colleague – for months and they ‘felt sorry for her’.

After five hours of waiting she phoned and pretended their child was ill – but claims he refused to come home until she said he might need a hospital treatment. Within minutes he pulled up in his car outside the house, with her in the passenger seat – to drop her off. ‘I ran towards the car,’ said Khadijah. ‘I started banging on his window. His car door was locked. I saw who she was. He sped off. ‘That was the last I saw of him. I found out who she was and looked in his emails and found out they were together on Christmas Day. ‘I changed the locks on the house. I went to see him at his work and he said “if you come near me I’ll call the police”. ‘He still hasn’t contacted me to offer an explanation. He contacted my family but my parents didn’t want to speak to him.’ Khadijah is planning a divorce insisting she has no regrets and added: ‘I feel relieved now that it’s over. ‘I don’t love him. It was the only way – to go to extreme lengths.’ When contacted Khadijah’s husband admitted they were separated but didn’t comment on his wife’s allegations of an affair. He explained that his wife had made a complaint to the police about him but says he has been cleared. He claims she assaulted him and damaged his car and says police are investigating. Khadijah admits she did confront him at work in a bid to get answers, but claims she has never physically attacked him or his property. She said she “waved my hand in his face but never touched him”. She said the police were called, she gave them her name, but no further action has been taken and she hasn’t heard from them since.

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