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“What you see on screen is not me in real life” – Sana Khan on Wajah Tum Ho

MUMBAI: She had a cameo in Salman Khan‘s Jai Ho but post that decided to wait for a big Bollywood opportunity before moving on to her next. This came in the form of Wajah Tum Ho where she has a pivotal part to play. While she has given a good account of herself as an actor, she hasn’t shied away from bringing on the oomph quotient for screen. Attributing it to the demand of the film and pretty much acknowledging that there is no big deal about it all, Sana Khan has managed to make heads turn right from the time the promo of the film was launched to the day when it eventually released on the big screen

You must be happy to see the manner in which audiences have given you a thumbs-up for your character and the performance.
Of course yes, why not? We worked very hard and it is response from audiences that matters the most. I am happy that major chunk of people have liked it. There are many who have called me and they really liked the concept of revenge being taken via hacking a satellite and then planning of live murders on TV. Such subject has never been attempted before. Also, the fact is that the film is much beyond this so-called erotica factor. People just see what they what to see. Otherwise, there are so many twists and turns with edge of the seat thrills. Now that people have seen the film, word of mouth will take it through.

As a first film of yours where you are the central protagonist, you must indeed be super charged.
As you can see, the girl is so powerful in the film. She has her head on the shoulder. She is strong, hears everyone out but then eventually does her own thing. No one can empower her. The way this character is tested in the film is an altogether different zone. This is also (director) Vishal’s (Pandya) first film as a writer. He has been waiting to make this film for so long. For me and Vishal, this is an emotional connection with the film as it is his pet project and I too am seeing my first Bollywood release as a leading lady. So both of us did this film from the bottom of heart and not due to any filminess per se.

Between Jai Ho and Wajah Tum Ho, I am sure there must have been quite a few offers in last couple of years. What made you believe that Wajah Tum Ho was the right film to be a part of?
The fact that my favourite genre is thrillers. When I go and watch a film, I want to see loads of suspense. I don’t even want to get up during the interval to fetch popcorn. I like Abbas-Mustan kind of films. Yes, romantic films are all good too but thrillers are an altogether different ballgame. Since I always wanted to be a part of a film like this and Vishal is a good name with T-Series backing it too, I was assured of a great role and equally wonderful music. For a heroine to get a subject like this and play an equal part where she is shoulder to shoulder with the hero is great. I have been very fortunate that in the film I am not standing in the background and just giving emotional support to the hero.

While that is indeed the case, were you apprehensive of the fact that the film would have a strong erotic element as well?
(Says in amused tone) Arrey aisa kya erotic hai picture mein. It is a normal kiss and everyone does it in a normal way. People say that ‘Oh, yeh toh erotic hai’. Lekin aajkal to har film mein kissing scenes hote hain. Woh toh nahi kehte ki erotic film hai! I think lovemaking is also an emotion. Today industry is evolved where you don’t see flowers kissing. We have moved ahead in mentality. In a film you play a character and that doesn’t define you as a person. What you see on screen is not what Sana Khan is in real life. As a character it is fine. Moreover, our film boasts of a great concept and songs; that’s what matters.

Well, you do have a complex part to play in the film.
And since you have seen the film, you can understand that I can’t tell you the colour of my character. But yes, the film is very colourful for sure (laughs). Every one person in there changes shades in every scene, be it Sharman, Gurmeet or Rajniesh. That is what the film is all about. You keep guessing that who is real and who is creating drama. Let me tell you something, and trust me I am not saying this just because I am the heroine of the film. Seriously though, when I watched the film as a viewer, I could see that it is crisp and well woven. Treatment of the film is very new. Technology plays a very important role in the narrative. That’s what ties the film together along with a strong emotional quotient.

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