Tuesday, 25 January 2022

What Parineeti Chopra learnt from her Namaste England role

BOLLYWOOD: Namaste England is the actress’ upcoming commercial flick and this time too, she keeping her fingers crossed about the film’s success. In the next few days, she will get to know if her character Jasmeet from the film will be able to overpower the appeal of Khushi didi or not. She maintains that Jasmeet is not quite like her. “There are not many (similarities) actually. The kind of roles that I have played in my first few films were about being a woman of today. People think that I am that character in real life too but actually I am not. I am a very emotional, sensitive and vulnerable person, which I got to explore in Namaste England for the first time. Jasmeet is quite a selfish person about her career and life dreams and she can hurt other people in the process. I am not that person. To me, people are the most important thing in the world.”

Parineeti reveals that it’s easier to work with a friend whom you have known for a long time especially if it’s a love story. “That physical comfort is there. I don’t have to warn him before a scene that I am now going to hold your hand or hug you or kiss you. We are physically comfortable with each other and there is no discomfort.” She adds that while there is no discomfort with other stars, she ensures that there is always a discussion before the scene.

On the MeToo movement, the actress believes that every offender should be punished as severely as possible. “Unfortunately, most of the incidents are such that there is no evidence because of the nature of the incidents. When a girl is being attacked by someone, you don’t think of recording it on your phone and the aim is to defend yourself. A lot of people are saying that we are not going to work with this person till they are proven innocent. But I am finding a loophole in here. How will you ever prove that this happened especially if the case relates to ’90s when there were no mobile phones or CCTVs. We will have to believe who are coming out there and have to give them benefit of doubt.”

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