Sunday, 5 December 2021

Vin Diesel admits he almost dropped out of first Fast, Furious film

Credit: Universal Pictures

HOLLYWOOD – Vin Diesel came perilously close to missing out on the massively successful film franchise that made him a household name. The 53yearold actor revealed that he nearly backed out of the first Fast & Furious film during an appearance on podcast, released recently. He admitted he had second thoughts about the heist film after reading an early draft of the screenplay that was lacking. Diesel wasn’t even the studio’s first choice for 2001’s The Fast And The Furious, as it originally wanted Justified’s Timothy Olyphant to play Dominic Toretto. But Universal eventually moved on to Diesel, who had already made a big film with the studio. ‘Universal ended up being involved in the release of Pitch Black, the only other movie I had done of that size, and so they said, “We got this movie that’s about illegal street car racing, and we want you to play this character, who’s a tough guy, outlaw, with a heart and a code,”’ he recalled.’

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