Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Vidya Balan: Vinod Chopra told me to get my nose fixed


BOLLYWOOD: Vidya Balan celebrated her birthday with family and close friends in a themed party in the city. She posed for photos for the media with hubby Sidharth Roy Kapur.

Speaking to a leading daily about her Bollywood journey, she revealed a shocking incident. “I remember Vinod Chopra telling me, ‘It’s such a long nose, I’ll send to you to LA, get it done.’ And I was so scared to open my mouth and say anything to him because I thought, ‘What if you throw me out of the film if I said no.’ I was really upset,” she said.


She added, “I came away and I told Pradeep Sarkar, ‘Dada, you know I will not get my nose fixed. I either come with this nose, then I don’t. I can’t cut my nose to be an actress. He said, ‘No, I don’t think that would be needed.’ I don’t know whether he ever brought it up or how it got resolved. I was too scared of Vinod Chopra, but I came and told Dada what I had to.”


She also shared her thoughts on plastic surgery and said, “People tell me, it’s nice to get all the lines removed and I say, ‘I’m a happy 38-year-old. Let people know I’ve lived a good 38 years. I’ll rather have this than a stiff face. For an actor, I think that’s the biggest limitation if your face becomes stiff. To each his own, I’m not okay with it.”

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