Monday, 29 November 2021

Very good progress made on Brexit, says Theresa May

Theresa May

LONDON: Prime Minister Theresa May insisted “very good progress” was being made in Brexit negotiations – as the DUP said there was “more work to be done”.

PM May appeared in Prime Minister’s Questions after a phone call with DUP leader Arlene Foster, who has refused to support draft plans for the border.

One Tory MP said the PM’s “red lines” on Brexit looked “a little bit pink”.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said the government should “get out of the way” if it couldn’t negotiate a deal.

Prime Minister Theresa May said that finding a way to leave the customs union and single market while avoiding a hard border was the “whole point” of Brexit negotiations about future relations.

But the EU says talks about the future can only happen when enough progress has been made in agreeing what will happen at the Northern Ireland border.

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