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US’ Middle East plan: 90 percent of West Bank for Palestine, divided Jerusalem

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WASHINGTON-Sputnik: The plan for the peaceful settlement of the Middle Eastern crisis, which is being prepared by the administration of US President Donald Trump will be presented in the coming months, the Israeli Reshet 13 broadcaster reported, citing the source, who attended a closed briefing by a US official on the plan.

Under the plan, Palestine will receive twice more the territory they currently control. However, the historic center of Jerusalem, including its religious sites and nearby districts, and the western part of the city will remain under Israel’s sovereignty, according to the outlet.

Moreover, Israelis will be able to annex major settlement areas in the West Bank and keep isolated settlements under their control without being able to enlarge them. However, Israel will have to evacuate the so-called illegal settlement outposts.

The plan also suggested that the losses from the scheme should be compensated from the mechanism of territorial exchanges, the broadcaster noted. The outlet argued that the plan was the most suitable option of the Middle Eastern crisis settlement for Israel which had emerged over the past 20 years.

The United States reportedly expect Palestinians to abandon their claims for the whole territory of the West Bank and East Jerusalem, including the historic part of the city. Moreover, Washington expects some concessions from Israel, which opposes the division of Jerusalem and Palestinian statehood.

The outlet noted that the US administration planned to roll out the paper several weeks ago but decided to put the move off until after the Israeli parliamentary elections, scheduled for 9 April.

However, US Special Envoy Jason Greenblatt criticized Wednesday the recent media report, slamming the outlet’s findings as “not accurate.

The Trump administration has been working on its peace plan for the Israeli-Palestinian settlement for months. However, Palestinians have rejected Washington’s involvement in the settlement of their conflict with Israelis after Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moved the US embassy from Tel Aviv to the Holy City despite the condemnation of the Muslim world and the UN recommendations to refrain from establishing diplomatic missions in the city until its legal status is settled.

Israeli-Palestinian relations have been tense for decades, but tensions escalated in late March when Palestinians kicked off the Great Return March protests along the Gaza Strip, which dramatically evolved into violent clashes between Israeli security forces and demonstrators.

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