Monday, 29 November 2021

US calls on Pakistan to ‘immediately arrest or expel’ Taliban leadership

US calls on Pakistan

WASHINGTON: United States once against pressurized Pakistan to ‘do more’ against Taliban and ‘war against terrorism.’

While talking to media on Monday, White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders called on Pakistan to immediately arrest or expel leadership of Pakistan .

“We call on Pakistan to prevent Taliban from using its soil to support US operation,” she said.

The statement came day after deadly attack on Kabul attack by Taliban killing around 30 civilians including foreigners.

Pakistan has already condemned the attack and expressed it sorrow over loss of so many lives in the attack.

Furthermore, Foreign Office spokesperson Dr. Faisal rejected the knee-jerk reaction of Afghan government stating Pakistan rejects allegation being put by some Afghan circles for attack on intercontinental hotel.

Washington has been increasing pressure on Pakistan to ‘do more’ especially after tweet of US President Donald Trump in which he stated that Pakistan has dealt US only with ‘deceit and lies’ and $ 33 billion aid has proved futile.

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