Monday, 25 October 2021

US actress marries herself after series of failed relationships


LONDON: An actress and reiki healer tied the knot with herself after going through a string of abusive relationships, Mail Online reported.

Jenilyn Rodriguez, 30, a resident of New York has distanced herself from organised faith and said that she wanted to put her faith in love – and herself.

While shopping for jewellery, Rodriguez fell in love with a ring that had been handmade in Iceland, and then decided to use it to get engaged to herself.


Last month, Rodriguez, wore wearing a £240 gown and a flower crown made by a friend, vowed to love herself in a sologamy ceremony in New York held at 3.33pm exactly – because the number 333 means pure love in angel numerology – watched by 20 guests including her sister, Jessica.

“It is a reminder to always stay grateful and that we are all miracles,” she said.

Rodriguez is now planning her honeymoon touring Ireland’s ancient celtic sites.

“I have everything I could ever need so I only want a life filled with joy and love.’The ceremony took place on November 11th, chosen because 1111 is another significant number in angel numerology – meaning angels are in the room with you.”


While her sister flew to New York especially for the ceremony, Rodiguez’s Catholic parents were not overjoyed by their daughter going against religious convention.

She said marrying herself was a reminder to herself that she already has everything she could ever need in herself, that she can be her own best friend and source of comfort.

Now, she is encouraging anyone else to marry themselves and hopes to open a centre where she can marry others.

“Me and my siblings were raised Catholic, although it never sat right with me,” she said .

“I always felt a strong desire to be more open minded and unaffiliated with any organised religion. I wanted to work with love and I wanted to pray in nature, not necessarily in a building.


“I am a certified reiki healer and I love healing people, yet I found that there were always issues around love in my own life as I suffered abusive relationships and toxic work environments.”

“One day I decided to buy myself a ring as a gift of love to myself, and when I looked at the sizes I thought to myself ‘what size is my ring finger?’ and then I smiled and thought I should get engaged to myself.”

‘I made a promise to treat myself better and to love myself better. The response I got from my closest friends and others was almost overwhelming. So then I realised that I needed to decide if I was going to go through with it, I should go all the way with it.

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