Thursday, 2 December 2021

Umar Akmal back in spotlight with his off-field antics


KARACHI: Just a day after Umar Akmal was declared unfit and was dropped from the national cricket team, a clip of him dancing with a female companion has proved that he may not be fit to play cricket, but he is in the perfect physical form to have a dance.

Even though he has repeatedly been dropped from the team for not being in the proper form, the cricketer has still managed to stay in the limelight with his off-field antics. Many say that the cricketer’s performance on the field is poor, but his life off the field is the exact opposite; lively and happening.

In the video, the cricketer is seen laying down his dance moves with a professional dancer. This incident is part of many incidents that have put the cricketer in the news for all the wrong reasons. Let’s have a look at incidents in the past that threw Umar Akmal in the spotlight.

UMAR-AKMALTwo years ago, model Rachel Khan alleged that in a party in Norway, Umar Akmal, in a drunk state, started irritating people which made a lot of them uncomfortable. Rachel said Umar first went to Rohit Sharma who rebuffed him. He later came towards her and hit on her. In response, the model slapped him and he fell on the ground. The administration came and took him away.

In April 2016, during the Pakistan Cup, Umar Akmal went to watch a stage drama. After the performance ended, he asked the administration that the dance should be re-performed. Upon their refusal, the cricketer got into a fight with the administration and was forcefully kicked out. Bilawal bhatti, Owais Zia, Muhammad Nawaz and Shahid Yousaf were also present with him.

Last year, Qandeel Baloch had made an offer that in case Pakistan beats India in their ICC World T20 match against India, she would strip dance for the fans and would dedicate it to Shahid Afridi. She later gave an interview on a TV channel where she said that Umar Akmal had requested her that she should dedicate the dance to him and not Shahid Afridi. Qandeel also said that Akmal only wanted the spotlight through her that is why he made the request.

A few years back, in the first of his off-field performances, Umar Akmal got into a fight with a traffic warden at Firdous Market, Lahore, and was sent into lock up. Police had alleged that Umar had torn the warden’s clothes. Later, it was also reported that police had put forth allegations that Akmal was using the number plate of another car on his vehicle and had not paid the tax on his vehicle for a year.

The cricketer has had a tough life on the field with all the repeated rejections from the national team and allegations of match fixing. Maybe the cricketer releases all the stress of his tough cricketing career through his actions off the field.

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