Wednesday, 26 January 2022

UK social workers invite jailed Pakistani-origin rapist to see his victim’s child

(Picture posed by model: PA)

LONDON: Social workers in the United Kingdom have invited a Pakistani man jailed for the rape of a 15-year-old girl, which also made her pregnant, to see his victim’s child, Mail Online reported on Tuesday.

The traumatised woman who was raped by a member of a grooming gang was left “extremely distressed” from the ordeal.

Staff approached the jailed sex attacker and even offered him help to be involved in his son’s upbringing, without telling his mother.

A probe found the council notified the man he could seek visits from his child in jail and could apply for his family to have custody of the boy.

Campaigners said the offer could ‘retraumatise’ his victim who lives in Northern England.

Details over her location have been withheld to protect the mother whose case featured in the trial of several men of Pakistani origin were found guilty of dozens of sex offences.

The victim said she was told she may have to face him in court next year.

Her case came to light when her son, who has complex needs, was at the centre of a case in which the council sought a care order – with the approval of his mother.

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