Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Uber to Introduce Essential Rest Breaks for the UK Drivers

Uber Drivers Present Petition To Transport For London

LONDON: A new Uber policy would make it a must for all the drivers in the United Kingdom to take a minimum of a six-hour break after working for a continuous ten hours shift.

The restriction on the amount of time a driver could spend working which means time spent on picking and dropping off passengers in a row on per day basis would be put into effect from the start of the next week.

These notifications or announcements are not just some friendly pieces of advice or alerts for the drivers to take some relaxing time off rather the drivers would be shut off from the app—meaning they would not be able to log into the application for accepting rides during the rest periods.

Andrew Byre – Uber’s UK Policy head said that the drivers only spend approximately thirty hours a week by logging into the application, we want to make sure that they must not drive tired and hence for that we are trying to play our part.

Uber the ride-hailing service providers are putting this rule into effect to lessen the tiredness and exhaustion in its drivers, driving on the roads.

Public safety was one of the concerns that directed London to strip the ride-hailing service providers of its operating license. That decision is being persuaded by appeals and could result in a huge impact on the company’s business in the Europe region if the decision is not revered and is maintained.

The ride-hailing company has already put into effect similar kind of rulings relating the essential shift breaks in other markets also where it has its operations.

The new policy has been criticized by a labour union representing some of the drivers. They say that the policy is not issuing the main reason which is of low pay which forces the drivers to spend more time on roads.

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