Sunday, 28 November 2021

Trump lawyer defends posting daughter lingerie picture


NEW YORK: President Trump’s lawyer and spokesman Michael Cohen has found himself engaged in a social media fight after proudly posting a picture of his daughter dressed in lingerie.

Cohen shared the picture of his 21-year-old daughter Samantha, an undergrad a the University of Pennsylvania studying political science, on Twitter Sunday, writing: “So proud of my Ivy League daughter … brains and beauty channelling her Edie Sedgwick.”

The photo is recreation of a famous Andy Warhol shot of the actress and fashion model Sedgwick. Samantha Cohen told the Daily Mail that after finishing a rough semester at Penn with a 3.75 GPA, she was asked to model for up-and-coming photographer Abi Polinsky and had just received some of the proofs.
“My father, who has always been supportive of my endeavors, was merely expressing his pride,” Samantha said. “There is nothing inappropriate in the picture and those who seek to make it something it is not are merely Trump haters who are using this as an opportunity to stir up drama.

“’I find it hypocritical that those who consider themselves liberal would criticize a woman embracing her body,” she continued. “There is nothing sexualized about the photograph … it is tasteful and it is demure.”

Nevertheless, critics blasted Cohen on Twitter for sharing the photo, calling him “Mr. Creeypants” while noting “Most fathers don’t post lingerie shots of their daughters.”

“If my Dad tweeted a photo of me in my underwear I would throw up,” BBC reporter Julia Macfarlane wrote in a since-deleted tweet.

Cohen defended himself, responding: “Beauty and brains you a-hole! It’s a modeling shot remake from an old Edie Sedgwick photo. #hater”

Cohen asked one woman on Twitter if she was “jealous” after she described the photo of his daughter as “spank-bank material.”

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