Thursday, 21 October 2021

Thriller action ‘Gumm’ to be screened on 11th Jan

LOLLYWOOD: Pakistan’s upcoming film ‘Gumm’ is all set to release on January 11. This will be the first Pakistani film to be aired in 2019.

The cast of the film met with its fans in a meet and greet arranged in Emporium Mall’s Universal cinema.

Thriller action film “Gumm-In the Middle of nowhere” is directed by husband and wife due Ammar Lasani and Kanza Zia. The lead cast of the action film is Sami Khan as Asad, Shamoon Abbasi as Haider and Shameen Khan in the film.  Fans of Sami khan are already excited to see him on the big screen as he is one of the successful actors in Pakistani drama industry.

Talking about his film, he said: “Pakistan cinema has already gone through the revival and now it is time for experimentation in film industry. Film Gumm is one best example of experimentation and work on those topics which are not common for our industry,”

He continued: “There is wide space for making of such films in our film industry and all credits goes to the directors of the film which came up with such idea to work on new theme for our film industry.”

He added: “I believe audience should decide what kind of content they want to see and I am sure this film will surely win the hearts of movie goers because this movie has a lot treat for them,” Sami said.

Lead actress Shameen Khan said: “It’s a family oriented film and this movie will attract the film lovers”.

Film has already won the hearts of movie goers with its hit song ‘Chashm-e-Badoor’ which has been seen on Facebook Page of Film Gumm by 60 thousand people.

Actor Faisal Qureshi in a Facebook post said: “I extend lot of wishes for the new film Gumm. It is interesting that it has already won many awards.  Sami Khan is like my younger brother and I wish all the team best of luck. As Sami Khan has proved himself in drama and I am sure he will prove himself in film industry also”.

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