Wednesday, 1 December 2021

The Final Exit Movie Review

Cast: Elena Kazan, Kunaal Roy Kapor, Reyhna Malhotra, Scarlett Wilson
Direction: Dhwanil Mehta
Genre: Horror
Duration: 2 hours

STORY: Fashion photographer, Vidyut Sehgal (Kunaal Roy Kapor) has several distractions in his life, namely drugs, alcohol and women. He is also deeply troubled by his dreams in which he sees a mysterious woman posing around a strange shrine. Soon, the woman enters his bedroom and an entity seems to be sending him videos that seem to call him out to the place he has been seeing. His friend suggests he see a doctor, who advises him to abstain from substances. But when none of it helps, he decides to follow a marker sent to him on his phone and reach the mysterious place of his dreams.

REVIEW: The film is a genre-bender, which starts off as a horror, moves on to be a supernatural thriller and finally ends up being something entirely different. The journey you embark on with protagonist Vidyut is baffling in every sense of the word. His quest to the mysterious place takes several detours. While some detours are interesting and scary, like the eerie hotel he stops at, other detours don’t make much sense. Until the first half, you’re with the guy on his weird trip, anxious and a tad excited to know what’s next. But the second half gets tedious and you hope that the takeaway is interesting.

The Final Exit 1

It’s a brave effort on the part of filmmaker Dhwanil Mehta and is more along the lines of Anurag Kashyap’s No Smoking. But while No Smoking was a true open-ended puzzler, this one merely teases and provides you with some answers eventually.

The set design and cinematography are superlative. The sombre colours and the dark hues lend a sort of morbid character to the entire film and help with the scary parts. Kunaal performs reasonably well in his first serious outing as a person thoroughly confused about the meaning of life. However, his character is written out as rather one-dimensional. We’re sure there’s more to the actor and would be great to see him in a more complex role.

While the philosophical turn the film takes is interesting, it’s a tad too metaphysical. A different kind of horror, go for this one if you’re interested in a good dose of philosophy with your horror.

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