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The effects of sexsomnia


Sleep; a time for relaxation, peace and rejuvenation, orelaxationr, a time for sex!

But how can a person engage in sex when asleep?

Well, turns out, a person can. Sleep sex is not a myth; it is a real condition and is termed as sexsomnia. Where you may have heard of conditions like sleep walking, sleep talking and sleep eating, this one is quite unheard of. People who engage in sleep sex or experience arousal during this time are usually not aware of it.

The intensity of this condition varies in people. Some experience moaning, groping, masturbation and sex with their partner. There are extreme and violent aspects of this condition as well where the victim can get violent and dangerous.

Sexsomnia can be genetic and even gender-biased. Study reveals that males account for two-third of all sexsomnia cases. Causes of this condition include drugs, alcohol, stress and fatigue. Though, there is no conclusive proof that these are the only reasons to blame for the condition.

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The effects of sexsomnia

Sexsomnia may sound like a normal condition but it is not. Where you may feel that it occurs and comes to an end then itself, the fact is that it affects you to quite an extent. It can affect your daily life to levels you are not really aware of. It can lead to:

1. Anger

2. Confusion

3. Fear

4. Guilt

5. Repulsion

6. Shame

All these negative emotions and the reason, sleep sex. This problem can put your relationship at risk and expose it to awkward situations. In extreme situations, you can also be charged with sexual assault and abuse. Therefore, if you are experiencing any such condition, you must see a sexologist.

Or, you can also use our set of techniques!

1. Communicate

Talk to your partner about this. If you are suffering from this condition or if he/she is, talk it out. That is where the treatment begins.

2. Pen down the triggers

Note what triggers this condition in your partner or in you. Is it alcohol, stress, sleep-deprivation or is it a cocktail of them all?

3. Define your boundaries

Sexsomnia is nothing to feel strange about or be scared of. If your partner is dealing with it, it is not your fault. Neither is it a reason for you to just live with it. You could also try sleeping in different beds for some time. This can be a very helpful way of reducing the stress in your relationship.

And if none works for you, you can visit a sexologist.

Though it may sound funny and horny to some, sexsomnia is one condition you need to be concerned about and take appropriate action for.

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