Tuesday, 7 December 2021

“The Casino: My Games. My Rules” review

“The Casino: My Games. My Rules” (series streaming on Zee5)

Cast: Karanvir Bohra, Mandana Karimi, Sudhanshu Pandey; Director: Hardik Gajjar

Rating: one and a half stars

This is precisely the sort of show that makes a case against OTT culture. It is almost as if all the gaudy glitz that cinema chucked out a while back, and the cliches that were beginning to look stale even on television, have found a new low-budget address for rehash on digital platform.

You realise polished thrills are not a priority here when you note the title of the show. “The Casino” would have seemed inviting enough. But they had to suffix it tackily to call the show “The Casino: “My Games. My Rules” (reminds you of something like “Jaal: The Trap”, isn’t it).

The irony is the games are not much worth a savour, nor are the rules of intrigue engaging. The level of boredom triggered off by inane writing is such that you would probably forget how it all started (and what all started) by the time all the episodes have played out and the show has ended (assuming you have patience to sit through).

“The Casino” has been billed as a thriller. For the sake of thrillers, if you cherish the genre, don’t bet on this one.

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