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The Big Bull movie review

The Big Bull movie cast: Abhishek Bachchan, Sohum Shah, Ileana D’Cruz, Saurabh Shukla, Ram Kapoor, Sameer Soni, Nikita Dutt, Mahesh Manjrekar, Supriya Pathak Kapoor
The Big Bull movie director: Kookie Gulati
The Big Bull movie rating: 1.5 stars

In Kookie Gulati’s The Big Bull, there’s a lot to lap up. Some relatable some far-fetched, some inspiring some incoherent. At the core of the drama is Abhishek Bachchan, who steps in the shoes of Hemant Shah, a stockbroker, who envisioned his life and his country a certain way and managed to reign the nation in the early ’90s. What he did decided the fate of the Indian stock market and at large, that of the Indian economy. For instance, if he bought chana at a red light, the stock prices of it rockets sky high within a day. 

Often called the messiah of the common man, Hemant referred to himself as the ‘Big Bull’ or like he said, “He was, is and will always be the Big Bull.” As suggested by the title, the film is his story. How one tip changed the course of his life, reminded him to dream big, his ‘controversial’ rise from the ashes and the fall that happened after it all. 

The film brings the stock market scam to the centre, but also paints Hemant Shah as a dreamer. As a man who wanted to earn big. As a man who wanted to change his nation. As a man who wanted to change economic policies. As a man who wanted to win over his partner’s family. As a man who wanted to remind people to dream big. The Big Bull is the story of the small things in Hemant’s life and not just the big scam.

First things first, the makers clarify right in the beginning that the film is “somewhat inspired” from true events but is a fictional piece of work. In the next sentence, the makers reiterate that the film is not “based on and/or nor intended to be based on any true event, the life of any person dead or alive” which essentially is to negate any comparisons with the life of Harshad Mehta. What The Big Bull also attempts is that while it focuses on the 5000-crore scam, it also sheds a light on how the lead character’s aspirations helped the common man earn.  

As Hemant, Abhishek is earnest. His performance is every bit impressive. He nails the moments of confidence and over-confidence with his dialogue delivery and body language. A few of his scenes might also remind you of Guru. As his wife, Nikita Dutta is sweet, but has little to do. As his brother and right-hand man Viren Shah, Sohum Shah delivers his part. Ileana D’Cruz, who plays news reporter Meera Rao, does justice to her part. But there’s incoherence in how her character has been etched. As for Ram Kapoor, who plays Hemant’s lawyer, Ashok Mirchandani, he is effortless in his part. There’s also Supriya Pathak, who is wasted as Hemant and Viren’s mother and Samir Soni as a politician. 

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