LONDON: A recent FCC filing has revealed that Tesla Motors is apparently working to develop a new smartwatch. But the main question that arises here is why? The Elon Musk owned brand is known for its automobiles, although, it seems like it now also diversifying to include IoT products as well.

In the listing, Xplora Technologies, a Norwegian brand that sells smartwatches for kids, has recently filed an application with FCC for a new smartwatch. Notably, the company also added Tesla as being involved in the project. The listing was first spotted by My Healthy Apple who also shared the authorization letter in full.

Unfortunately, it is still unclear as to why Tesla is involved in the development of a smartwatch at the moment. One possible explanation could be that Tesla is acquiring Xplora Technologies or may have already done so. Although that is still unlikely. But another possibility is that the smartwatch would somehow tie in with its automobile offerings.

Currently, Apple Watch apps do allow some controls over Tesla vehicles, and this could be an extension of the same.