Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Tesco will become the first supermarket to go food waste-free


LONDON: The supermarket giant says that all edible food products will be passed on to local charities to help nearby poor or homeless communities.

Dave Lewis, who spent nearly three decades at Unilever before becoming the chief executive of Tesco in 2014, said the initiative will involve all 2,654 stores in the country, adding that the amount of wasted food is ‘really stark’.


Currently, the company discounts items in store with reduced stickers, and has set up a scheme where unsold items are given to local charities.

Mr Lewis told: ‘Last year we sold 10 million tons of food to the British public. But even if our waste is just 0.7% of the food, that’s still 70,000 tons of food.

‘And so long as that food is fit for human consumption, I’d much prefer it to go to people than landfill, or animal feed or fuel.

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