Tuesday, 24 May 2022

New rare £5 note sells for an incredible 60K Pound


LONDON: The polymer £5 note was in such demand because it has a serial number starting AA01, making it one of the very first produced. The note was put up for sale by Piotr Sobczuk, from Telford, and its serial number AA01 444444 attracted 136 bids by the time it closed at 11.30am today. Mr Sobczuk is believed to have come across the note in his change and researched the serial number when he spotted it looked unusual.  The crumpled fiver has now gone for over 12,000 times its street value after attracting 136 bids from 21 different bidders.

Mr Sobczuk is expected to post the valuable note first class standard delivery, having listed postage for just 64p. The auction site will also take over £250 in fees, according to eBay’s fee calculator. New fivers featuring Winston Churchill with serial numbers starting AA01 are attracting huge sums online from collectors. At a Bank of England charity auction in October, one new fiver sold for £4,150. The note, with serial number AA01 000017, was the lowest number offered to the public. The lowest numbered note, AA01 000001, was given as a gift to the Queen.

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