Saturday, 27 November 2021

Teacher banned after drunken sex with pupil in plane toilet


A high-flying physics teacher has been struck off after she had oral sex and sexual intercourse with a pupil in an aeroplane toilet during a school trip.

Eleanor Wilson, who was a physics teacher and head of Key Stage Four at a Bristol secondary school, tried to hide the sexual relationship despite being questioned by her school.

It only came to light after another pupil blackmailed her, threatening to expose the pair unless the teacher “engaged in sexual conduct” with him.

The school’s name has not been revealed by the by the National College for Teaching and Leadership, which announced its decision to ban Miss Wilson from teaching today.

The 28-year-old did not turn up at a misconduct hearing held by the NCTL despite several efforts to reach her.

Miss Wilson had been employed by the school from 2013 as a physics teacher, and rose quickly to be head of Key Stage 4, which covers pupils in Years 10 and Year 11 studying for GCSEs.

In July and August 2015, she became close to a boy named only as Pupil A during a school trip.


During the return flight, both started flirting with each other while looking after another pupil, who had become unwell.

Miss Wilson was intoxicated, the panel heard, and the pupil had already drunk five mini-bottles of wine.

Both entered the aircraft’s toilet, started kissing, and had oral sex and sexual intercourse without protection.

The following year, she met Pupil A one-on-one in her office, and started regularly communicating with him outside of school.

She took him on a few outings, kissing, hugging and touching him.

Pupil A said she had drunk cider with him on one occasion outside school, and he showed the panel the receipt for the drinks.

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