Sunday, 16 January 2022

Talking periods: Angry Girl and her disgruntled online crusade


What’s in a name? Aunty agayi hain, laal mere dil ka haal hai, shut down for maintenance, tabyat kharab or simply ‘lady’ troubles. A period called by any other is still as terrible. Now English and Urdu are beautiful languages but the way we’ve been using them to talk about periods? Not so much. In a world where periods are depicted with blue liquids, joyful females dancing in unison and endless non-versations, in comes Angry Girl, a girl, who quite frankly is sick of the drama.

When I first came across this page, what struck me most was my own ignorance towards the topic. Now I fancy periods1myself as a rather open-minded female but living in my own myopic little world, I did not realize that not everyone had the liberty to speak as freely as I did.  Angry Girl tugs at the heartstrings of desi girls and calls out people fearlessly when it comes to taking up the ‘Period’ conversation. There are many people I know that still balk at talking about periods. They’d rather live in a world of fantasy where women only go to the bathroom to powder their dainty little noses and put on a fresh coat of lipstick. Little do they know of the bloody singular wars waged behind bathroom cubicles. Angry Girl talks about the ‘brown bag’ which every girl must seek out before buying her pack of pads. She talks about the dupatta or the sweater innocuously tied around the waist, hiding period stains. She talks of PMS, cravings and cramps. She talks about the little and the big, but what’s most important is that she talks. Perhaps it’s time for us to talk back or at least talk along with her.

And so some people, albeit anonymously, do. Her period confessions have become the outlet for many girls who not only have to go through their actual period but also the ignorance of those around them. While it sounds morbid, they actually make for rather funny stories and I’d definitely advise hopping over to the page for a good laugh. Periods, as troublesome as they may be are a part of the lives of half of the population and with periods and the associated equipment come a host of troubles, be it hygiene, health or general well-being. Angry Girl is perhaps the disgruntled hero we need even if we don’t want her right now. So let’s start talking about periods and be a little angrier at the silence. Period.



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