Monday, 18 October 2021

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Bakkt introduces cryptocurrency

NEW YORK: The parent company of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) offer investors the option to trade Bitcoin, giving the pioneer cryptocurrency further mainstream recognition. Operations will begin at the opening of the electronic financial market at 8:00 pm in New York. Brokers will then be allowed to trade ...

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Cyber attacks cost $45bn in 2018

WASHINGTON: An estimated two million cyber attacks in 2018 resulted in more than $45 billion in losses worldwide as local governments struggled to cope with ransomware and other malicious incidents, a study showed Tuesday. The Internet Society’s Online Trust Alliance, compiling data from the U.S. and some international sources, said ...

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Chinese Authorities Crack Down On Cryptocurrency Gambling

BIEJING: According to a July 12 announcement made by the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department, the police in the province have launched an extensive enforcement action against illegal gambling organizations. This operation involves 21 security authorities and has, to date, disabled 70 websites, approximately 540 gambling apps, and over 250 ...

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Criminal underworld is dropping bitcoin for other cryptocurrency

JOHANNESBURG: Bitcoin is losing its lustre with some of its earliest and most avid fans – criminals – giving rise to a new breed of virtual currency. The value of certain privacy-focused digital currency like monero, designed to avoid tracking, have climbed faster over the past two months as law ...

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