Sunday, 17 October 2021

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11 Asia-Pacific nations agree to move towards trade deal without US

TOKYO: Eleven Asia-Pacific nations on Tuesday agreed to move toward signing a massive trade deal, Japanese officials said, after they revived it following the pullout of the United States. “A statement of agreement by the TPP 11 has finally been sealed and the 11 countries agreed to go ahead with ...

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EU and Japan reach free trade deal

PARIS: The European Union and Japan have formally agreed an outline free-trade deal. The agreement paves the way for trading in goods without tariff barriers between two of the world’s biggest economic areas. However, few specific details are known and a full, workable agreement may take some time. Two of ...

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John Key resigns: End of a New Zealand-Australian bromance

WELLINGTON: Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said his response to the resignation of his New Zealand counterpart was a text message: “Say it ain’t so, bro.” After sharing kayaking trips around Sydney harbour in February and late-night summit dinners, the political bromance between the two prime ministers is coming to ...

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