Sunday, 17 October 2021

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Google CEO reveals why Trump pops up in ‘Idiot’

SPUTNIK: Pictures of the US president have consistently been turning up in Google search results for the word “idiot” since at least the summer of 2018. Google’s CEO was summoned to the US Congress to explain to Democratic Representative Zoe Lofgren why this happens. Google CEO Sundar Pichai explained at ...

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Google says fired 48 for sexual harassment over 2 years

SAN FRANCISCO: Google said Thursday it had fired 48 employees in the past two years – including 13 senior executives – as a result of sexual harassment allegations, citing “an increasingly hard line” on inappropriate conduct. The US tech giant issued the statement from chief executive Sundar Pichai in response to ...

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Google CEO cancels diversity town hall after staff questions leak

LONDON: Google CEO Sundar Pichai has cancelled an internal town hall meant to address gender discrimination on Thursday after employee questions for management began to leak online from the company’s internal messaging service. Pichai said in an email to staff that several Google employees became fearful for their safety and ...

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