Friday, 28 January 2022

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Stephen Hawking’s ventilator donated to British hospital

LONDON: The family of the renowned British physicist Stephen Hawking has donated his ventilator to help treat hospital patients with novel coronavirus, it said on Wednesday. Hawking died in 2018 aged 76 after a glittering career dedicated to unlocking the secrets of the universe, despite a life-long battle with a ...

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Stephen Hawking’s advice for people with depression

LONDON: On the occasion of his 76th birthday, renowned physicist Stephen Hawking spoke at the Reith Lecture at the Royal Institute in London about depression. The scientist drew a poetic parallel between black holes and depression, with a message of hope to those suffering from mental health difficulties. Hawking said, ...

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Stephen Hawking: Future of humanity no longer lies on earth

LONDON: Scientist Stephen Hawking claimed that the next generation must inhibit another planet within a century since the future of humanity no longer lies on earth. Hawking, a leading theoretical physicist, said that the growing advancement of computer systems and machines could take over the human race. “I don’t think ...

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