Tuesday, 9 August 2022

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Kim Kardashian wants to be criminal-justice lawyer

NEW YORK: Kim Kardashian West, a lawyer? The reality star, makeup mogul and criminal justice reformer told Vogue she’s apprenticing with a San Francisco law firm, inspired by her successful effort to free Alice Marie Johnson (Johnson was granted clemency by U.S. President Donald Trump after spending years in prison ...

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Shorter sleep a night may jam blood vessels: study

A study showed people sleeping less than six hours a night were 27 percent more likely to have increased blood vessel risks than those who sleep seven to eight hours. The study published on Monday in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology revealed that shorter sleep was linked ...

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Climate change may harm your sleep

Climate change that leads to warmer than normal nights can do major harm to human sleep, researchers say. The findings showed that abnormal increases in night temperature by 1 degree Celsius can translate to three nights of insufficient sleep per 100 individuals per month in the US. If climate change is ...

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Lack of sleep impairs memory formation

Researchers from the University of Michigan provided some answers with their new study showing that sleep deprivation interferes with the rhythm of neuronal firing in a region of the hippocampus called CA1.  The hippocampus is the brain structure responsible for the formation of long-term memories. Study leader Nicolette Ognjanovski, along ...

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