Friday, 28 January 2022

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US government shuts down in dispute over funding for border wall

WASHINGTON: The US federal government partially shut down after members of Congress failed to resolve differences over $5 billion in spending for President Donald Trump’s border wall . When commenting on the lawmakers’ failure to resolve differences over his demand for funding for a border wall guarantees, US President Donald Trump stated in a video published on Twitter that ...

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Jemima shuts down Ghinwa Bhutto over ‘Israel vacation’ tweet

LONDON: Imran Khan’s former wife, Jemima Goldsmith on Sunday shut down Ghinwa Bhutto for her ignorant comments on her family’s vacation. Sharing a picture of Imran’s family on a holiday, Ghinwa wrote on Twitter, “Imran Khan’s family on a visit to the apartheid state of Israel. What does this mean ...

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Bangladesh shuts down mobile internet to tackle teen protests

DHAKA: Bangladesh authorities have shut down mobile internet across swathes of the country, officials and local media said Sunday, as the authorities try to quell massive student protests that have spiralled into violence. For the last week students have brought parts of the capital Dhaka to a standstill with a ...

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US government shuts down

WASHINGTON: The world’s most powerful government shut down on Saturday after President Donald Trump and the U.S. Congress failed to reach a deal on funding for federal agencies, highlighting America’s deep political divisions. For the first time since October 2013 – when a similar standoff that lasted 16 days kept ...

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