Saturday, 27 November 2021

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All-women band in Iran struggles to break through

BANDAR ABBAS: The men in the audience clapped and the women ululated as the band finished singing: it would have been commonplace except the venue was in Iran and the group on stage were all women. The catchy rhythmic music they played that balmy night is known as “bandari”. Its ...

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New travel curbs imposed as world tackles second COVID-19 wave

LONDON/SYDNEY: Nations in Asia imposed new restrictions and an abrupt British quarantine on travellers from Spain threw Europe s vaunted summer reopening into disarray, as the world confronted the prospect of a second wave of COVID-19 infections. In the United States, where infection rates have climbed since June, President Donald ...

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Spain’s national state of emergency ends

MADRID: Spain’s national state of emergency has ended after three months of restrictions on movement to rein in its Covid-19 outbreak. As of Sunday, 47 million Spaniards will be able to freely move around the entire country for the first time since the government declared a state of emergency on March ...

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Singapore to allow most businesses to reopen as virus rules ease

SINGAPORE will allow most businesses to reopen as the hard-hit city-state further eases its coronavirus restrictions. But potential “super-spreader” venues such as cinemas, bars and nightclubs will stay closed despite infection rates remaining stable for the past two weeks, officials said Monday. Singapore initially kept the virus in check with ...

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Sri Lanka tightens sports betting rules to fight cricket graft

COLOMBO: Sri Lanka introduced tough penalties for match-fixing and tightened sports betting restrictions in a bid to stamp out graft scandals that have dogged the country´s cricket team. Allegations of corruption have plagued Sri Lankan cricket for years, including claims of match-fixing ahead of an international Test against England last ...

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