Saturday, 16 October 2021

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A 4-day work week in the UK: Would it work?

LONDON: Increasing numbers of workplaces around the world are embracing technology, and a greater array of tasks is being automated. In the eyes of one major British labuor organisation, that need not be a threat to workers, but may instead offer an opportunity: less time working.“I believe that in this ...

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Theresa May defends her social care reforms

Theresa May has said her planned reforms to social care will end the torment of the elderly having to ‘worry that their savings might whittle down to nothing’. The Tory manifesto promises to quadruple to £100,000 the amount of wealth a person can have before they have to pay for ...

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Labour calls for closer scrutiny of tech firms and their algorithms

LONDON: Labour’s industrial spokesperson has called for the algorithms used by technology firms to be made transparent and subject to regulation, as the party prepares the new year launch of its industrial strategy consultation. Shadow minister Chi Onwurah wants to see greater scrutiny of the mathematical formulas that now control ...

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