Monday, 25 October 2021

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Iran holds military drill in Sea of Oman, Indian Ocean

TEHRAN: Iran’s armed forces began a large-scale military exercise in the southern waters of the country amid unprecedented escalation of tensions with the US. The three-day military drill, dubbed Zulfiqar-99, involves Iran’s army, navy, air force and air defense force and many newly developed weapons. The massive drill is being conducted over ...

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50 years old message in a bottle found In Australia

SYDNEY: An Australian boy who discovered a message in a bottle on a remote beach may have a new penpal after the Englishman who dropped it from an Australia-bound ship 50 years ago was tracked down. But Jyah Elliott, aged nine, may have to wait some time as the message’s ...

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British Royal Navy seizes 3 tonnes of hash from dhow in Indian Ocean

MUSCAT: HMS Dragon, a British Royal Navy Type 45 Destroyer, seized 3,048 kg of hashish from a dhow “acting suspiciously” in the Indian Ocean, in an area known as ‘The Hash Highway’. Deploying both the Royal Naval and Royal Marine boarding teams to ensure crew safety and facilitate the technical ...

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Sri Lanka moves navy unit to Chinese-run port

HAMBANTOTA: Sri Lanka will move its southern naval command to a port leased to a state-run Chinese firm but China will not use it for military purposes, the prime minister’s office said Saturday. Colombo’s announcement will likely raise fresh concerns in New Delhi over China’s military potentially getting a foothold ...

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