Tuesday, 7 December 2021

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Indian Manipur separatists announce exiled government in UK

LONDON: Dissident political leaders from the Indian state of Manipur said they were unilaterally declaring independence from India and forming a government-in-exile in Britain. The former princely state became part of India in 1949, two years after the country won independence from Britain, but has since seen decades-long violent separatist ...

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Kosovo celebrates 10 years since declaring independence

PRISTINA: Security forces marched through the capital of Kosovo today as it celebrates a decade since declaring independence, a moment of pride for its ethnic Albanian majority although sovereignty remains fiercely contested by Serbia. The parade is part of a weekend of festivities and comes a day after Pristina-born British ...

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Mugabe resigns, ending 37-year reign over Zimbabwe

HARARE: Robert Mugabe resigned as Zimbabwe s president on Tuesday, finally swept from power as his 37-year reign of autocratic control and brutality crumbled within days of a military takeover. The move looks set to end Zimbabwe s worst political crisis since it won independence from Britain in 1980. The bombshell announcement ...

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Spanish leader asks Senate for power to take over Catalonia

BARCELONA: In an extraordinary showdown over the future of the country, the Spanish and Catalan parliaments staged dueling sessions Friday – as the central government pressed for permission to take over control of the breakaway region, and the secessionists in Catalonia threatened to declare independence. In Madrid, Prime Minister Mariano ...

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