Tuesday, 18 January 2022

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India extends world’s biggest lockdown to May 3

NEW DELHI: India’s nationwide coronavirus lockdown, the biggest in the world, will be extended until at least May 3, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said Tuesday. The current three-week-old lockdown of the nation of 1.3 billion people had been scheduled to end at midnight Tuesday. “From the economic angle, we have ...

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Bees with tiny sensor backpacks might replace farm drones

LONDON: Field monitoring can be a difficult task for farmers, for which they have now started using drone technology but that too has limits. Now, researchers might have developed a smarter way by equipping bees with tiny electronic, sensor backpacks. Researchers from the University of Washington have developed sensor backpacks ...

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Climate change-fueled drought drives Sri Lanka’s farmers to cities

COLOMBO: When Siri Hettige, a sociology professor at Colombo University, conducts surveys of young people across Sri Lanka, he never fails to ask one key question: Does anybody want to become a farmer? No, has been the overwhelmingly emphatic answer, he said. That is one indicator of the growing poverty ...

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Brexit: Farmers to Use Machines to Make Up for Loss of EU Workers

LONDON: Robots will fill the void left by EU nationals once Brexit kicks in, farming experts have said. A new generation of robots are being readied to fill a labor shortage on Britain’s farms, which is expected post-Brexit. The robot, called Thorvald, has been designed for unskilled tasks. According to sources, Thorvald has already altered ...

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