Monday, 24 January 2022

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US issues ultimate warning to Turkey amid fears S-400 to ‘compromise’ NATO jets

WASHINGTON: US will stop its manufacturing support for F-35 fighter jets in Turkey if Ankara continues to pursue plans to acquire Russian long-range S-400 surface-to-air missile systems,  acting Defence Secretary Patrick Shanahan told reporters. “If Turkey decides that the S-400 is a decision they want to go forward with, then we have to move work out of Turkey”, he ...

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Japan’s F-35s made seven precautionary landings before fighter went missing

A Japanese Air Self-Defense Force (JASDF) spokesperson also confirmed Wednesday that the search for the aircraft and its highly-experienced pilot, Major Akinori Hosomi — who has more than 3,200 hours of flight time – is still underway. US Air Force pilots, for example, currently average around 17.8 hours of flight time a month, amounting to around 213 flight ...

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Japanese military found F-35 debris, pilot still missing

TOKYO: An F-35 A stealth fighter belonging to the Japan Air Self-Defence Force’s (JASDF) fleet reportedly disappeared from radars on Tuesday, 135 kilometers (84 miles) east of the Misawa Air Base located in the country’s northern Aomori prefecture. The JASDF said Wednesday it has found what could be debris from the ...

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Pentagon grounds global fleet of F-35s after crash

LONDON: The Pentagon on Thursday grounded the global fleet of F-35 stealth fighters to conduct engine inspections, following the first ever crash of the costliest plane in history. A Marine Corps F-35B was completely destroyed in a crash during training in South Carolina on September 28. According to Joe DellaVedova, ...

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