Sunday, 24 October 2021

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Angelina Jolie returns as the dark

HOLLYWOOD: Maleficent 2’s official trailer is finally out and has left Jolie’s fans startled by her appearance as the malicious, evil queen. It gives us a glimpse of Jolie’s villanous yet breathtaking character, Maleficent. She stuns as the wicked queen alongside Elle Fanning as the petite and charismatic Princess Aurora, ...

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Emily hides dark sense of humour

HOLLYWOOD-HMM: Emily Ratajkowski doesn’t like to reveal her ‘’dark’’ sense of humour. The 27-year-old model likes to be open with her fans on social media, but she admitted there are some things she choose to keep private and she isn’t sure some of her jokes would hit the right note ...

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Abhay Deol slams Bollywood stars for promoting fairness creams

Advertisement of fairness creams have become a normal thing now but are not approved by everyone. Many Bollywood celebrities have spoken either for or against the products. Bollywood actor Abhay Deol also chose to raise his voice against the promotion of fairness creams. In a series of posts on Facebook, ...

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