Monday, 29 November 2021

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Facebook bans cryptocurrency adverts

LONDON: Facebook has banned adverts for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on its sites after recent criticism from users about scams and hoaxes being promoted in their newsfeed. The world’s biggest social network said such digital currencies are “frequently associated” with “deceptive promotional practices”. “Two of our core advertising principles outline ...

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Cryptocurrencies fall after hack hits Japan’s Coincheck

TOKYO: Cryptocurrencies fell Friday after Japan-based digital exchange Coincheck suspended client deposits and withdrawals for virtual currencies except bitcoin, saying it had been hacked. Coincheck said it was investigating “unauthorised access” of the exchange that appeared to result in a loss worth half a billion US dollars of NEM, the ...

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Criminal underworld is dropping bitcoin for other cryptocurrency

JOHANNESBURG: Bitcoin is losing its lustre with some of its earliest and most avid fans – criminals – giving rise to a new breed of virtual currency. The value of certain privacy-focused digital currency like monero, designed to avoid tracking, have climbed faster over the past two months as law ...

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Hype over bitcoin borders on weird

LONDON: In the long history of money, there have been essentially two kinds. The first is a tangible commodity – usually, gold. The second is a “fiat currency,” created by a ruler with the power to compel use. The proposition underlying this year’s extraordinary bitcoin surge is that we are ...

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Former City workers launch debit card for cryptocurrencies

LONDON: The London Block Exchange (LBX) has launched a debit card which will allow UK consumers to spend cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin in their local supermarket. Canary Wharf-based London Block Exchange, a fintech start-up founded by a team of ex-City workers, has launched a debit card which will allow consumers ...

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