Thursday, 21 October 2021

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British Pound falls after MPs delay key Brexit vote

LONDON: The British pound fell against the dollar after currency markets opened in Asia early, following a delay to a crucial Brexit vote and a new request to extend the deadline from October 31. The currency opened down 0.6% at $1.2915, after closing just below $1.30 mark, according to Reuters. ...

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Jane Austen £10 banknote goes into circulation in Britain

The first ever British banknote to contain a portrait of a female – apart from the Queen – went into circulation on Thursday, the Bank of England announced. The new tamper-proof £10 note features the famous English novelist Jane Austen. Just over one billion polymer ten-pound notes have been printed ...

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Is Bitcoin the future of currency

Bitcoin’s future as an alternative currency has generated a considerable amount of debate in financial parlors. A Bitcoin is merely a transfer of value between addresses. Every time you want to transact, an address is created and transfer of value takes place. When you are on the receiving end, a ...

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