Monday, 17 January 2022

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Supermodel Amna Babar uncovers incident of harassment

LAHORE: Pakistani supermodel Amna Barber had shared her tortuous experience of harassment by random boys yesterday on the streets of Lahore during the daytime. Amna had shared the photos of those boys on her Instagram account and one boy is seen using the middle finger to The Lux style award winner. Here is ...

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Girls better than boys at working together to solve problems

LONDON: Girls are much better than boys at working together to solve problems, according to the OECD. Some 125,000 15-year-olds in 52 countries and economies took part in the test, which analyses for the first time how well students work together as a group, their attitudes towards collaboration and the ...

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Single-sex state school in Glasgow facing calls to admit boys

SCOTLAND’S only state-funded single-sex school is facing a challenge to its status from a group of parents over whether boys should be admitted. Notre Dame High, a Catholic high school in Glasgow, has only allowed girls to attend since its foundation in 1897. And it remains the only non-private single-sex ...

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