Monday, 18 October 2021

Taapsee Pannu: It doesn’t matter if Tanushree raises her voice after 10 years

BOLLYWOOD: The #MeToo movement has hit the headlines again closer home after Tanushree Dutta fired a fresh salvo at Nana Patekar over an alleged sexual assault incident during the shoot of ‘Horn Ok Pleassss’.

The actor has received a mixed response from the industry, with some accusing her claim to be mere attention seeking stunt, and others extending their support. Taapsee Pannu, who has become one of the poster girls for #WomenPower in Bollywood post her critically acclaimed movie, ‘Pink’, lashed out against those who were victim shaming.

Asked why she hadn’t presented her views on the social media on the matter, Taapsee said, “It’s just that I didn’t put up one tweet because I really don’t think in one tweet I can justify what I felt about the entire matter.”

Countering the arguments made against Tanushree which questioned why the actress kept mum on the issue for several years, she said “I won’t question her why didn’t she raise her voice then or why to raise the issue now. From whatever I have read, I think she did come out before, but her voice was silenced.”

“She has come back again now, and I don’t want to look at or doubt her intentions. It happened, and we have valid proof of the fact that it happened. Beyond this, it doesn’t even matter to me if she decides to raise her voice after 10 or 40 years,” she added.

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