Wednesday, 8 December 2021

Sweden truck attack: Multiple dead, injured in Stockholm


STOCKHOLM: The man arrested in relation to the attack in the centre of Stockholm is suspected of being the driver of the truck that killed four people, Swedish police say. “The person in question has been arrested as the culprit … in this case the driver,” spokesman Lars Bystrom said on Saturday. “We suspect that the man who was arrested is the perpetrator,” “Then, there can be other people who are associated with him but we do not know that at the current time.” Stockholm’s Karolinska hospital says six of the 15 injured have been released following treatment while eight adults and one child remain in hospital. The man was detained in a northern Stockholm suburb on Friday and later arrested on suspicion of having committed a terrorist crime. Swedish public broadcaster SVT reported police had detained a second man in the northern suburb of Hjulsta and he had a connection to the previously arrested person, citing police sources. The police declined to comment on whether it had arrested any additional suspects but said others were being sought. Police said earlier after the attack that they had detained the man who “matched the description” of a photo released of a suspect wearing a dark hoodie and military green jacket. But they did not confirm if he drove the truck.

The same man is a 39-year-old of Uzbek origin and a supporter of the Islamic State (IS) terror group. Swedish police said on their website early on 4Saturday they had placed the man confirmed to be detained under prolonged arrest. They said the driver had not been detained, instead saying the man in custody was “connected to” the incident. Police would not comment on reports that a second man had been arrested in the northern suburb of Hjulsta. The truck was removed from the of the carnage but the area remains closed for further investigation. Earlier Swedish police said they were also interviewing two people in relation to the deadly truck attack in Stockholm’s main shopping strip. It is not clear if they are separate to the two males that have been arrested. “I can confirm that we have taken in two people for questioning, but that does not necessarily mean that they are suspects,” police spokesman Lars Bystrom said. “We want to talk to everybody who knows anything about this and sometimes it’s better to talk at the police station than place of event.” A national police chief, Stefan Hector, said the police’s “working hypothesis is that this is a terror attack.”

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