Wednesday, 27 October 2021

Swara Bhasker Responds to Censor Board chief

BOLLYWOOD actor Swara Bhasker who is known for doing bold and different characters, replied to a tweet made by lyricist and Censor Board chief Prasoon Joshi in which he criticised the actor’s latest web-series titled Rasbhari. Joshi made a tweet slamming a scene in which a girl is seen dancing in front of a group of men. Now, Swara replied saying that the scene had a different context that Joshi missed altogether and instead fell for the idea that the particular scene was trying to reject.

Swara’s tweet read, “आदर सहित सर, शायद आप scene ग़लत समझ रहे हैं। सीन जो वर्णन किया है उसके ठीक उल्टा है। बच्ची अपने मर्ज़ी से नाच रही है- पिता देख कर झेंप जाता है & शर्मिंदा होता है।नाच उत्तेजक नहीं है, बच्ची बस नाच रही है, वो नहीं जानती समाज उसे भी sexualise करेगा- scene यही दिखाता है। #Rashbhari” (sic) (Respected sir, it seems like you have completely misunderstood the scene. The scene is totally opposite of how you have described it. The girl is just dancing – that makes her father feel embarassed. The dance is not provocative, the girl is just dancing, she doesn’t know that the society will even sexualise that. That’s what the scene explains)

Earlier, Joshi had tweeted: “Saddened by Webseries #Rasbhari’s irresponsible content portraying a little girl child dancing provocatively in front of men drinking.Creators& audience need 2seriously rethink Freedom of expression or freedom of exploitation? Let’s spare children in the desperate need4 entertainment.” (sic)

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