Sunday, 26 June 2022

Sunil Pal Requests Sunil Grover To FORGIVE Kapil Sharma


MUMBAI: Stand-up comedian Sunil Pal shared a video on Facebook in which he urged fellow comic Sunil Grover to return to The Kapil Sharma Show, saying that together, they make a good team. In the Facebook video he shared on Wednesday, Sunil Pal said: “I humbly request Sunil Grover to return to Kapil Sharma’s show because you are a huge and talented artiste. Together you and Kapil have made the show a huge success. You are two wheels of the show and I’m afraid you won’t be anything without each other. You have quit the show once and saw that it wasn’t worth it.” Sunil Pal also urged Sunil Grover, 39, to understand that though he is a successful artiste now, he will always need a huge platform for his craft to reach people. “Today, the world has acknowledged your skill. But do not forget, a huge artiste needs an equally huge platform,” he said. Sunil Pal also said that Kapil Sharma should be forgiven. Sunil Pal said: “I agree Kapil Sharma may have made a mistake. Forgive him because you are like family.”

What Mr Sharma is accused of is rather more than a ‘mistake’ – he allegedly assaulted Mr Grover and hit him with a shoe while drunk on a plane from Melbourne. For a good minute or two in his video, Sunil Pal praised Kapil Sharma, 36, for revolutionizing the genre of comedy and giving stand-up comedians in the country a “respectable platform.” He said: “Earlier, our scenes in a film were chopped off and you have been through that. We comedians have a huge name because of Kapil Sharma. When people ask what I do, I say, ‘I do shows like Kapil Sharma.’ He has done a huge service for comedians.” Sunil Pal also clarified that he doesn’t have any ulterior motive behind posting this video. “People say that Kapil will offer a role in his show if I say these things but it’s not about that. He’s offered me a part before and I refused saying, ‘I’m not that talented and I can only do stand-up comedy’,” he said. He signed off saying: “You both are our icons. Please, I request you be each other’s strength and not weakness.”

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